A camcorder, pint and killer idea

With brands such as T Mobile condoning social phenomenons like flashmobbing in their ads, i just want to express how much i love this turn towards cheap, everyman style production. We’ve all been watching Youtube for years, so it’s surprising it’s visual language hasn’t been harnessed before now. Despite the fact that ads like ‘Life’s for sharing’ elude to being genuine and homemade, they successfully manage to borrow that vibe without appearing too intrusive.

So why aren’t more of the big brands doing it just as successfully? Usually the ad industry is the first to rush headlong into the next craze, yet there seems to be very little work that is Youtube-esque. A great example of this is Carlsberg’s funny announcement to a football fan at one of his team’s games.


Offline, i’m pretty sure creative teams would opt for selling a film idea requiring a traditional shoot over a Youtube idea that just needs a handy cam and some free time after your 3rd pint in the pub. Digital are always trying to explore new avenues and unique ways of talking to users, and this low budget style of production is perfect for that. It makes the brand experience that little bit more believable and instantaneous.

I’d certainly Tweet about a piece of communication that targeted me specifically. Sometimes, maybe that’s all the advertising you need.

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