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The best job in the world

P&G’s latest advert made me cry. Now, while I fully admit I am a touch sensitive when it comes to films or documentaries, it’s not often a TV advert is good enough to result in my free-flowing tears. Granted, my mum has just gone home after an epic Oz visit, but this beautiful advert needs [...]

What can console the Australians? Oh a cheap BA flight will do…

Australians all over the world must be crying into their Fosters right now. So well done to OgilvyOne London for dreaming up their latest online Ashes campaign for BA. While the boys were busy bowling and batting, BA were asking Aussies to do the unthinkable – cheer on England. Why? Because the more the English [...]

Kick-ass campaign

Has anyone seen the latest campaign from Diesel? True to their latest marketing strategy – ‘Be Stupid’ (I’d love to meet the planner who dreamt up that one), we’re treated to various videos, ads and manifestos that pledge the simple thought – Diesel trainers are good for arse-kicking. You’ve got to love a brand that [...]

Cheese ads that tickled me

As a passionate cheese lover, I appreciate anything that illustrates its delicious qualities. My favourite ads are those from Cathedral City, mainly because they focus on the vulnerability experienced when smelling melted cheese. Something I know plenty about. Now, Albion has created a set of press adverts for Tickler cheese to demonstrate how precious it [...]

Handwrite an email like magic

Remember when writing a letter wasn’t just to say thank you? When picking up a pen wasn’t just for hasty reminder notes? While the world has made a logical transition to keyboards, there is something rather magical about your own handwriting style. Like it or not, the need for a a fine liner, or a [...]

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