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Something on your mind?

Then call the Apology Line! This art project, set up by Will Bridges and James Lees, is designed to get the UK public to open up – literally. People responded in their hundreds by leaving messages on an answering machine. My particular favourite comes from a bumbling young gentlemen apologising for occasionally taking his girlfriend for granted. [...]

The last place you want to go?

As a Copywriter, I think it is my duty to comment on the latest adverts from Dixons. I adore them. By openly acknowledging Dixons as ‘The last place you want to go’ in the strapline, it cleverly echoes consumers’ perceptions. As the meaning of the ad sinks in, you first feel guilty for your negative [...]

Seeing things?

When I was a student at university I would constantly dream of getting my first advert published in a magazine. I was so excited about the prospect of seeing my own ideas and words in ink, I didn’t even consider how advanced media technologies would be by then. The first ever video advertisement will be [...]

Got the munchies?

“I am floating on cream and fudges pieces. The giraffe seems unconcerned. He smiles and continues to read the newspaper. On I stride on toffee cookies and brown sugar. Wallowing. The red queen offers vanilla and almonds. The universe opens and swallows me whole.” Was the Copywriter responsible on dissociatives or just having a good [...]

Once you click you can’t stop

How often do you come across a banner advert that’s worth talking about? Worth smiling over? Or even worth clicking and clicking and clicking? Well the new, innovative banner ad from Pringles does just that. It keeps your attention by involving you in a one sided converstation from which you can’t turn away. I found [...]

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