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How to create powerful advertising

There’s been a serious lack of bold, courageous advertising around recently. Are clients losing their bottle in light of the economic crisis? Or are brands finding it hard maintaining a strong presence with so many competitors juggling for attention? Not by the looks of these adverts for Timberland. I really like the art direction but [...]

A camcorder, pint and killer idea

With brands such as T Mobile condoning social phenomenons like flashmobbing in their ads, i just want to express how much i love this turn towards cheap, everyman style production. We’ve all been watching Youtube for years, so it’s surprising it’s visual language hasn’t been harnessed before now. Despite the fact that ads like ‘Life’s [...]


Should women with larger boobs pay more than those with a more modest pair? Only the best brands can admit they were wrong. They may have boobed, but Marks and Spencer have been extremely quick to the mark by apologising to the nation in Metro this morning. A brilliant example of topical advertising in repsonse [...]

Fresh injection for spring

So everyone knows that Dubai is obesessed with shopping. You just have to see the size of The Mall of Emirates to believe it. Y&R Dubai have taken this passion as the inspiration for their brand new Harvey Nichols campaign. I wasn’t too sure what to make of it at first – but its simplicity [...]

Best day of the week?

Saturday is arguably the best day of the week. You can relax as the whole weekend stretches out in front of you. So what would be your ideal Saturday? First, i’d wake feeling refreshed and sit down to a long, lazy breakfast with the papers. Then, i’d pop out to meet friends or family and [...]

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