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Origami club

If you mix some coloured bits of paper, a few hard-working brains (although a bit rusty at 8am) and a massive pile of concentration, what do you get? At Breakfast Club this week we tried our hands at Origami. It’s actually a lot harder than you think but for a first go we did pretty [...]

Monsters at Breakfast

What could be more delightful than making monsters at breakfast? This was the theme of Breakfast Club this week and it was a bit like being back at Playschool again. I loved it. We chatted about all things creative whilst discussing the merit of a furry moustache or indeed a strategically placed button.

Breakfast Club

So we’re started a Breakfast Club at work. Every Tuesday morning we meet @ 8am at a venue that gets the majority vote and talk about all things creative, or generally just what inspires us. The first one kicked off sucessfully @ Milk Bar in Soho last week when we discussed orange juice,  museums, china [...]