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Suspicious minds

How many times have you stumbled upon a deserted place and stopped to take it all in? The silence. The mystery. The history that lies there. Well Reginald Van De Velde, a photographer from Belgium explores just that. He takes pictures of abandoned places, places that would normally be overlooked, or discarded as ruined, and [...]

A trip down memory lane

During my A Levels, I had to write a project based on my favourite Illustration. For me, the choice was easy. I’d always adored the detailed and jovial drawings which accompanied one of my favourite children’s books – Alice in Wonderland. It was a coincidence then, that Lewis Carroll attended Christ Church College in Oxford [...]

A performance fit for a king

I indulged in a performance of King Henry VIII on Saturday night @ Shakespeare’s Globe. It was a truly majestic. I studied Shakespeare at school, but I don’t remember it being like this. I remember being fascinated with the language, but spent most of my time trying to decipher what the characters were saying. This [...]

Want some real gossip? Grazia go 3D.

Yesterday I indulged in purchasing a glorious girlie glossy. Sometimes I do this on a whim, normally when I am craving some gossip. Grazia’s headline ‘Our amazing 3D issue’ immediately jumped out at me. Could they be the first female glossy to dip their toes into the augmented reality world? The idea is that you can [...]

Something on your mind?

Then call the Apology Line! This art project, set up by Will Bridges and James Lees, is designed to get the UK public to open up – literally. People responded in their hundreds by leaving messages on an answering machine. My particular favourite comes from a bumbling young gentlemen apologising for occasionally taking his girlfriend for granted. [...]

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