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London’s hidden stage

On Sunday as London was once again indulging in the glorious spring sunshine, i was witnessing a very special concert. The last surviving and oldest grand music hall in the world – Wiltons – opened it’s doors for Schubert – from start to finish. I know what you’re thinking. Classical music? Me? Well firstly, i’d [...]

Where’s my Slanket?

Finally, I have my very own Slanket! This is quite possibly one of the funniest/greatest inventions ever and I had the pleasure of trying one out this weekend. In a fetching duck-egg blue, my cosy, fleecey Slanket is the perfect addition to my household. It’s also extremely portable so you can wander around the house [...]

Snowy escapades

You know when, as a kid, you used to wake up on Christmas morning and get butterflies in your stomach? That’s exactly how i felt on Monday morning when discovered 5 inches of snow in my garden. Actually, i think the truth was i wooped for joy, ran downstairs and threw open the front door [...]

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