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Unstoppable La Senza goes shoppable

La Senza has launched a new campaign on Facebook today which allows users to purchase bikinis directly from a short film. The online video, by Karmarama, shows several women emerging from the sea wearing La Senza bikinis. But before you dismiss this as another ‘James Bond’ style moment, think again. The film is actually shot [...]

Pleasure Hunt? My pleasure!

The internet it full of pleasures, just waiting to be sought out. But have you tried the latest form of viral pleasure? Magnum Pleasure Hunt is a flash based interactive game which allows you to control the Magnum Woman as she hunts down chocolate bonbons. Collect as many as you can in the quickest time [...]

Will you fall for Lynx’s charms?

Angels dropping into a train station? Now that’s pretty awesome. On the 5th March Lynx bravely took on one of the industry’s most coveted technologies – Augmented Reality. Promoting their new Excite range, Lynx brought to life their Angels theme by asking people to look up at the digital billboard above. Commuters were then greeted by [...]

Whoah, Bodyform’s on form!

Most of us will remember the catchy screech of the Bodyform advert song from the nineties, ‘Whoaaaah Bodyform, Bodyform for yoooooou!’, but would you be willing to give the artist’s husky tones a run for their money? In a brand new integrated campaign, Bodyform is launching the search for a new voice to bring back [...]

How to get stitched up at The Empire State Building…

…without setting foot in New York. It’s simple genius with these beautiful stitched illustrations by Peter Crawley. So original, they delicately depict the kind of detail you thought only possible with a fine liner. The work ranges from highly technical pieces like ‘Empire State Building’ to minimalistic creations like ‘Owl’. Hand crafted with a just [...]

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