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Do you have a memorable brand page on Facebook?

Everyone wants to get their brand noticed on Facebook. But exactly how is the best way to do it? And are you killing your chances with your current brand behaviour? If you’re doing it right, your users will be smiling and coming back for more. Otherwise, you’re just filling up space on Facebook that could [...]

Kraft sign up the velvet voice from the streets

Remember the golden-tongued web phenomenon Ted Williams? The 53 year old homeless man, once an alcoholic, who was filmed at an Ohio roadside pitching his now famous radio tones? Well, Kraft have just used him to record their new advert which aired on ESPN on Sunday 9th January. That’s the power of YouTube. After his [...]

Can I persuade you to read this blog post?

I’m reading a very thought-provoking book at the moment. ‘Can I change your mind?’ by Lindsay Camp dissects the art of persuasive writing. It focuses on getting your audience right and the rewards associated with making every single word count. As Lindsay shrewdly points out, “Bad writers worry about whether the reader will understand them. [...]

What can console the Australians? Oh a cheap BA flight will do…

Australians all over the world must be crying into their Fosters right now. So well done to OgilvyOne London for dreaming up their latest online Ashes campaign for BA. While the boys were busy bowling and batting, BA were asking Aussies to do the unthinkable – cheer on England. Why? Because the more the English [...]

If Facebook ruled the world…

…it would look a little something like this. I watched The Social Network recently and even though Mark Zuckerburg is said to have been displeased at his negative portrayal, it successfully documents his rise to fame and fortune. 6 years later and Facebook is the No 1 social phenomenon. But have you ever wondered how [...]