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Converse takes the next step

Have you ever browsed a funky footwear catalogue and wished you could try the shoes on, right there and then? RG/A New York have developed a new Augmented Reality app for Converse which allows you to do just that. Just point your phone at your foot for a virtual indication of some pretty trendy kicks. [...]

Kick-ass campaign

Has anyone seen the latest campaign from Diesel? True to their latest marketing strategy – ‘Be Stupid’ (I’d love to meet the planner who dreamt up that one), we’re treated to various videos, ads and manifestos that pledge the simple thought – Diesel trainers are good for arse-kicking. You’ve got to love a brand that [...]

Cheese ads that tickled me

As a passionate cheese lover, I appreciate anything that illustrates its delicious qualities. My favourite ads are those from Cathedral City, mainly because they focus on the vulnerability experienced when smelling melted cheese. Something I know plenty about. Now, Albion has created a set of press adverts for Tickler cheese to demonstrate how precious it [...]

A stupid idea that’s er, genius

Why waste your life sitting in front of a computer when you can waste it in a park? This is the most recent thought from Diesel’s ‘Be Stupid’ campaign. They organised an event in Berlin called Facepark which asked attendees to come baring a cardboard version of their Facebook profile – bringing their digital life [...]

Suspicious minds

How many times have you stumbled upon a deserted place and stopped to take it all in? The silence. The mystery. The history that lies there. Well Reginald Van De Velde, a photographer from Belgium explores just that. He takes pictures of abandoned places, places that would normally be overlooked, or discarded as ruined, and [...]