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Fossil fuel

There’s a story in Metro this morning about a fossil that’s been hailed as the ‘missing link’ in human evolution. The animal, which lived 47 million years ago, has traits of non-human creatures and primates. As always, Google have been quick of the mark and paid tribute to the discovery on their homepage. Just another [...]

Hungry Friday

I love, love, love the Google logo today. Marking the first day of Spring, it’s a great idea and looks cute too!

The end

The closing credits of a film are often overlooked as we’re rushing to beat the cinema crush, but one individual has decided to celebrate these forgotten forms of art. A collection of final pages from films that feature the cinematic art of stating the obvious can be viewed at: Love them!

Word up London

I found this wicked piece of typography the other day…much better than a normal map and a treasure trove of London areas.


They call him Invader. He’s tall, dark, mean and is currently recreating famous images made out of Rubik’s Cubes all over the country.  Actually i just made up the tall, dark, mean bit – but his work is pretty cool. Wonder if he cheats and takes the stickers off too?

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