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The best job in the world

P&G’s latest advert made me cry. Now, while I fully admit I am a touch sensitive when it comes to films or documentaries, it’s not often a TV advert is good enough to result in my free-flowing tears. Granted, my mum has just gone home after an epic Oz visit, but this beautiful advert needs [...]

365 days, 365 points of view

Do you ever stumble across a blog and think: damn, I wish I’d thought of that? I do. And this is exactly how I felt when I discovered 3six5. 3six5 is a unique social diary, a year told by 365 different people with very different points of view. And the really fascinating thing is, the [...]

Facebook Pages gets a makeover

After the success of Timeline, it wasn’t going to be long before Facebook ensured fan pages weren’t left behind. With some very cool new features, brands can now improve the way they talk to their consumers, all thanks to Facebook. First thing’s first. The new features aren’t actually all that new. Why? Because they are [...]

Red hot music video

I absolutely love this new interactive music video from the Red Hot Chili Peppers for their single ‘Look Around’. Each band member is performing in their own room in the house. Just click and drag, or use the arrow keys to see what they’re up to. You can also zoom in and out to get [...]

A timeline of drug abuse

What do you think of the new Facebook Timeline? Love it or hate it, the new concept is here to stay. The idea of choosing one picture that represents you is certainly inspiring. With Timeline currently rolling out all over the world, brands (if they’re clever) should be thinking of ways to use it. The [...]

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