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Win the NYC Marathon (well, 60 feet of it)…

Ever wondered how you’d fair up against a Champion Marathon runner? Well the people of New York got their chance thanks to an advert for Asiacs by Vitro agency. Over the New York City Marathon weekend, a huge a 60 foot video wall was installed in a major subway station. The public were invited to [...]

I’ve got a feeling today’s (not) going to be a good day…

Last night Twitter exploded with the buzz surrounding Sapient Nitro’s Idea Engineers music video. Was it real? Was it a joke? Are they insane? The real talk though, isn’t about whether Sapient in the states take life this seriously (I sat in shock open-mouthed throughout), but around how one little video can cause so much [...]

Pretty, pretty London Town

How beautiful is this? London’s familiar shape is very clearly made up from thousands of tweets and Flickr photographs. Eric Fischer has come up with this new way to visualise Twitter and Flickr data and the result is this stunning image of London. The red dots are Flickr pictures, the blue dots Tweets, the white ones [...]

Unstoppable La Senza goes shoppable

La Senza has launched a new campaign on Facebook today which allows users to purchase bikinis directly from a short film. The online video, by Karmarama, shows several women emerging from the sea wearing La Senza bikinis. But before you dismiss this as another ‘James Bond’ style moment, think again. The film is actually shot [...]

Will you fall for Lynx’s charms?

Angels dropping into a train station? Now that’s pretty awesome. On the 5th March Lynx bravely took on one of the industry’s most coveted technologies – Augmented Reality. Promoting their new Excite range, Lynx brought to life their Angels theme by asking people to look up at the digital billboard above. Commuters were then greeted by [...]

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