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Kick-ass campaign

Has anyone seen the latest campaign from Diesel? True to their latest marketing strategy – ‘Be Stupid’ (I’d love to meet the planner who dreamt up that one), we’re treated to various videos, ads and manifestos that pledge the simple thought – Diesel trainers are good for arse-kicking. You’ve got to love a brand that [...]

A stupid idea that’s er, genius

Why waste your life sitting in front of a computer when you can waste it in a park? This is the most recent thought from Diesel’s ‘Be Stupid’ campaign. They organised an event in Berlin called Facepark which asked attendees to come baring a cardboard version of their Facebook profile – bringing their digital life [...]

Trendwatcher to Trendwriter

For a while now I have been an enthusiastic fan of The TrendWatch – a blog hosting the collective posting of FullSix’s Designers, Strategists and Consultants. It’s great for musing over a cup of tea first thing in the morning. So imagine my delight when the Executive Creative Director in the UK asked me to [...]

Handwrite an email like magic

Remember when writing a letter wasn’t just to say thank you? When picking up a pen wasn’t just for hasty reminder notes? While the world has made a logical transition to keyboards, there is something rather magical about your own handwriting style. Like it or not, the need for a a fine liner, or a [...]

Want some real gossip? Grazia go 3D.

Yesterday I indulged in purchasing a glorious girlie glossy. Sometimes I do this on a whim, normally when I am craving some gossip. Grazia’s headline ‘Our amazing 3D issue’ immediately jumped out at me. Could they be the first female glossy to dip their toes into the augmented reality world? The idea is that you can [...]

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