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Do you have a memorable brand page on Facebook?

Everyone wants to get their brand noticed on Facebook. But exactly how is the best way to do it? And are you killing your chances with your current brand behaviour? If you’re doing it right, your users will be smiling and coming back for more. Otherwise, you’re just filling up space on Facebook that could [...]

If Facebook ruled the world…

…it would look a little something like this. I watched The Social Network recently and even though Mark Zuckerburg is said to have been displeased at his negative portrayal, it successfully documents his rise to fame and fortune. 6 years later and Facebook is the No 1 social phenomenon. But have you ever wondered how [...]

Happy St Andrew’s Day

I love the Google logo today. My parents are Scottish, so I appreciate any tribute to the flag of Scotland and the tartan pattern made me smile. I showed it to my dad and even he was impressed. Must be good then.

Trendwatcher to Trendwriter

For a while now I have been an enthusiastic fan of The TrendWatch – a blog hosting the collective posting of FullSix’s Designers, Strategists and Consultants. It’s great for musing over a cup of tea first thing in the morning. So imagine my delight when the Executive Creative Director in the UK asked me to [...]

A trip down memory lane

During my A Levels, I had to write a project based on my favourite Illustration. For me, the choice was easy. I’d always adored the detailed and jovial drawings which accompanied one of my favourite children’s books – Alice in Wonderland. It was a coincidence then, that Lewis Carroll attended Christ Church College in Oxford [...]

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