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Pretty, pretty London Town

How beautiful is this? London’s familiar shape is very clearly made up from thousands of tweets and Flickr photographs. Eric Fischer has come up with this new way to visualise Twitter and Flickr data and the result is this stunning image of London.┬áThe red dots are Flickr pictures, the blue dots Tweets, the white ones [...]

Pleasure Hunt? My pleasure!

The internet it full of pleasures, just waiting to be sought out. But have you tried the latest form of viral pleasure? Magnum Pleasure Hunt is a flash based interactive game which allows you to control the Magnum Woman as she hunts down chocolate bonbons. Collect as many as you can in the quickest time [...]

If Facebook ruled the world…

…it would look a little something like this. I watched The Social Network recently and even though Mark Zuckerburg is said to have been displeased at his negative portrayal, it successfully documents his rise to fame and fortune. 6 years later and Facebook is the No 1 social phenomenon. But have you ever wondered how [...]

Converse takes the next step

Have you ever browsed a funky footwear catalogue and wished you could try the shoes on, right there and then? RG/A New York have developed a new Augmented Reality app for Converse which allows you to do just that. Just point your phone at your foot for a virtual indication of some pretty trendy kicks. [...]