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Wall art via Instagram

Ever gazed at your Instagram feed and thought, I wonder what all these cool photos would look like on my wall? Well now you can see for yourself thanks to Poster Candy. Because some Instagram feeds are just too good to be kept on a phone…

Children go dotty in Queensland

What happens when you give kids a blank white canvas? They fill it of course! That’s exactly what happened when kids were invited to partake in an installation at Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. Over the course of two weeks, children were given thousands of coloured dots and let loose on a pure white interior [...]

Pleasure Hunt? My pleasure!

The internet it full of pleasures, just waiting to be sought out. But have you tried the latest form of viral pleasure? Magnum Pleasure Hunt is a flash based interactive game which allows you to control the Magnum Woman as she hunts down chocolate bonbons. Collect as many as you can in the quickest time [...]

How to get stitched up at The Empire State Building…

…without setting foot in New York. It’s simple genius with these beautiful stitched illustrations by Peter Crawley. So original, they delicately depict the kind of detail you thought only possible with a fine liner. The work ranges from highly technical pieces like ‘Empire State Building’ to minimalistic creations like ‘Owl’. Hand crafted with a just [...]

Converse takes the next step

Have you ever browsed a funky footwear catalogue and wished you could try the shoes on, right there and then? RG/A New York have developed a new Augmented Reality app for Converse which allows you to do just that. Just point your phone at your foot for a virtual indication of some pretty trendy kicks. [...]

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