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Cheese ads that tickled me

As a passionate cheese lover, I appreciate anything that illustrates its delicious qualities. My favourite ads are those from Cathedral City, mainly because they focus on the vulnerability experienced when smelling melted cheese. Something I know plenty about. Now, Albion has created a set of press adverts for Tickler cheese to demonstrate how precious it [...]

Suspicious minds

How many times have you stumbled upon a deserted place and stopped to take it all in? The silence. The mystery. The history that lies there. Well Reginald Van De Velde, a photographer from Belgium explores just that. He takes pictures of abandoned places, places that would normally be overlooked, or discarded as ruined, and [...]

Banksy eat your heart out

He shall remain nameless, but I work with a guy who, in his spare time, tours the country on weekends and treats doorways and garages to his works of art. A mixture between graffiti and stenciling, the results are truly fascinating. Personally, I am a lover of street art and a great admirer of Banksy [...]


Er…the best way to sell cheese ever?!? Wisconsin cheese have done themselves proud with this beautifully crafted site. We all love cheese on burgers, so take your pick from 30 different patties and combinations of mouth-watering cheese and i challenge you not to drool on your keyboard!

A new kind of book illustration

Ever wanted to be a touch more inventive with your Sharpie? John Clark draws film noir inspired Sharpie portraits on vintage book pages, leaving a bit of text floating in the background to hint at the background of the piece. The result is a one-of-a-kind “story” – a portrait with a literary history, a story [...]

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