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Thirsty work

Has anyone seen the new, limited-edition Cola-Cola can designs especially for summer? Working within their back-to-basics rebran, they make use of the printed red can to create summer-related objects such as a beachball, pair of sunglasses and line of surf boards. Nice idea, simply executed. The BBQ can is my favourite!

Something for the girlies…

Are you a girl who lusts after big steaks, juicy burgers and succulent ribs? Well Meat Club (girls only) have the answer. They’ve created a cookbook purely for girls that celebrates all things meaty. For such an unusual idea, it’s been brought to life in such a delicate way with cute, hand-drawn illustrations that are [...]

Simple shoes

I noticed this advert in the Metro this morning. The beauty brand Simple have branched out into shoes. Using materials such as organic cotton, hemp, recycled rubber and carpet padding, they aim to provide us with sustainable shoes that you can live with. With the current market feeling over saturated with ‘credit crunch’ type messages, [...]

T.shirt art

I love t.shirts. One of my favourite sites is – where you can resurrect your youth with t.shirts emblazened with the likes of The Wombles, Beverly Hills Cop and Bananaman. So, when i spied this gorgeous design from Imaginary Foundation i lept for joy. Combining two of my favourite things. Art and t.shirts. Genius.

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