Do you have a memorable brand page on Facebook?

Everyone wants to get their brand noticed on Facebook. But exactly how is the best way to do it? And are you killing your chances with your current brand behaviour?

If you’re doing it right, your users will be smiling and coming back for more. Otherwise, you’re just filling up space on Facebook that could be used for more engaging conversation.

Here are some tricks I’ve picked up from some some pretty successful digital agencies. Because it makes sense to understand exactly how to use Facebook, right?

Number 1 – Stay on Facebook

If you go to all the time and effort of creating¬† a cool creative campaign on Facebook, why take the user away the minute they’re hooked? Content that opens in new links outside of Facebook only succeeds to create a disjointed user journey. If people want to use something – why make them leave Facebook to do it? Facebook is where they talk, laugh and plan their lives. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your site is more relevant to them than it is.

Number 2 – Straight talk

The Facebook concept is easy to understand. But all too often I am confused as to what I am being asked to do on brand pages. The most successful pages lead with a strong, clear call to action. It may sound simple, but the best campaigns all do it.

Number 3 – No TV ads

While big budget TV ads are super cool on the big screen, they don’t belong on Facebook. Facebook is a place for exciting users with interactive video. Plonking a big bucks advert on Facebook seems like a wasted opportunity, especially when the really interesting stuff is buried in the user comments, posts and videos.¬† So create fun videos that engage the user, asking them to participate. Or for showcasing your products in a new, innovative way.You’ll get far more likes if you give your users credit for doing what they do best, interact with each other.

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