Handwrite an email like magic

Remember when writing a letter wasn’t just to say thank you? When picking up a pen wasn’t just for hasty reminder notes? While the world has made a logical transition to keyboards, there is something rather magical about your own handwriting style. Like it or not, the need for a a fine liner, or a fountain pen just isn’t the same when you have fancy fonts and whizzy laptops to turn to. Pilot have intuitively recognised this by creating a microsite which allows you to create your own handwritten font to use online. So no more impersonal emails, unsightly signatures and boring presentations. Just design your type (using a Pilot pen of course), take a photo of it with your webcam and then use the clever tools to adjust it on screen. Ta da! A Thoroughly unique handwritten font, no one else in the world can lay claim to. Now you can truly say “I wrote the entire thing!” :)


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