My Formula 1 adventure!

A few weeks ago I went to see the film Senna, an incredible look back at Ayrton Senna’s life.  From go karting through to his tragic accident in 1994, it covers every aspect of his dream. I was a bit young at the time, so there was lots of real footage and clips I hadn’t seen or heard before, but what I do vividly recall was the world’s grief over the loss of the greatest F1 driver.

The movie depicts, very clearly, Aryton’s struggle with the FIA and his direct competitors. It relays his fierce passion for the sport, his determination to be the best and the rivalry over his natural talent and drive (no pun intended).

You get to meet the man under the race suit. And how, even after becoming the 3 times World Champion, all he wanted was a hug from his dad at the end of a race.  An extremely grounded and humble young man, Aryton was, and still is a testement to the F1 drivers of today. Which leads me nicely onto my next bit of news – my first Grand Prix experience!

I went to watch the British Grand Prix qualifying session last weekend at Silverstone. It’s not an event in the UK without rain, but no volume of it could stop us having fun as we entered the gates at 8am – ready to sample our first  burger of the day!

The first thing that hit me was the noise. When those F1 cars were released onto the track, the screeching was deafening. The second was how happy and smiley everyone was – from the trainspotter type fans who sat huddled together, watching their handheld screen intently to the big groups of lads on their 3rd or4th cider grinning like loons. Like a true beginner, I gasped at the thrilling spectacle of the cars zooming around the track, the loud crack of their engines making me jump from time to time. I smiled to myself at my poor choice of footwear, looking on enviously at the spectator veterans’ wellies. I even grasped the very tricky task of balancing on a stick seat, harder than it sounds, trust me.

So the upshot of it all? I can’t wait to scream till I’m hoarse at the next one in Singapore. Thank you very much Silverstone, you did yourself proud! :)

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    Nice post & cool pic Speedie x

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