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P&G’s latest advert made me cry. Now, while I fully admit I am a touch sensitive when it comes to films or documentaries, it’s not often a TV advert is good enough to result in my free-flowing tears. Granted, my mum has just gone home after an epic Oz visit, but this beautiful advert needs to be given the credit it deserves.

From start to finish, it is a touching representation of what it’s like for the mum’s behind the Olympic athletes at the London 2012 Games. From everyday ways to care for a child, like ferrying to and from trials, or methodically washing their kit, to big shows of support from the crowd at competitions, these mums are always in the sidelines, watching, silently cheering on. It makes you think about your own mum and the sacrifices she’s made her whole life, always doing everything for one specific cause – you.

As an extension of the campaign, the brand is offering fans on Facebook the chance to thank their mums for real via a simple app. Just type in your message to your mum and watch as it joins the hundreds of other messages from fans all over the world.

I love this campaign, not just because it’s a subject dear to my own heart, but because so many brands jump on the Mother’s Day bandwagon every year and few pull it off successfully. I am working on a few projects over here in Australia at the moment and some of the bigger advertising agencies have really struggled to make that link. P&G have done it effortlessly – because they have real roots in this subject and it shows in the simple and poignant way the advert is executed.

A big thumbs up from me. I challenge you to watch it and not shed a tear.

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