Whoah, Bodyform’s on form!

Most of us will remember the catchy screech of the Bodyform advert song from the nineties, ‘Whoaaaah Bodyform, Bodyform for yoooooou!’, but would you be willing to give the artist’s husky tones a run for their money?

In a brand new integrated campaign, Bodyform is launching the search for a new voice to bring back their iconic song. The Facebook application, called ‘Release your Whoah’, acts like a mini talent show – on the lookout for the next star. The entrants must upload videos of themselves singing the signature tune, so the public can then vote on their favourite.

Supported by an advertising campaign on Spotify, the Facebook application hopes to bring the ‘Whoah’ into the 21st century, making it utterly relevant for the modern young woman. A perfect example of a classic advertising campaign gone social. Love it.

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