Will you fall for Lynx’s charms?

Angels dropping into a train station? Now that’s pretty awesome. On the 5th March Lynx bravely took on one of the industry’s most coveted technologies – Augmented Reality. Promoting their new Excite range, Lynx brought to life their Angels theme by asking people to look up at the digital billboard above. Commuters were then greeted by a scantily clad angel who they could interact with. Not the most original idea in the world, following Lynx’s well trodden creative territory of ‘The Lynx Effect’, but it confirms they do know their target market very well (most of the male passers by chose to ‘dry hump’ the angel for a laugh). Top marks however for the relevant use of this technology on the unsuspecting public. Up until now, Augmented Reality has merely been a plaything of the geek world, or on the wish lists of creatives desperately trying to sell their concepts into clients (myself included). But if these falling angels are anything to go by, we could be seeing alot more ficticious characters stepping into the real world very soon.

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