Embrace the letter!

There’s an interesting article in the Royal Mail’s magazine for marketers this month on how Direct Mail is often overlooked as the most straightforward form of communication. The hint is in the name – a letter from one named person to another. It shrewdly points out that if you run an advert apologising for a problem, there’s always a danger people will see it as just another form of marketing. However, a well-written letter can carry it off. Similarly, what is true for ‘sorry’ is also true for other messages – ‘thank you’, ‘welcome’, Happy Birthday’ and ‘Merry Christmas’. Everyone loves getting a letter or card from someone they care about. So when you think about it, the things that really matter are best put in the post.

Hungry Friday

I love, love, love the Google logo today. Marking the first day of Spring, it’s a great idea and looks cute too! :-)


Fresh injection for spring

So everyone knows that Dubai is obesessed with shopping. You just have to see the size of The Mall of Emirates to believe it. Y&R Dubai have taken this passion as the inspiration for their brand new Harvey Nichols campaign. I wasn’t too sure what to make of it at first – but its simplicity has won me over. :-) picture-1


Monsters at Breakfast

What could be more delightful than making monsters at breakfast? This was the theme of Breakfast Club this week and it was a bit like being back at Playschool again. I loved it. We chatted about all things creative whilst discussing the merit of a furry moustache or indeed a strategically placed button.


Breakfast Club

So we’re started a Breakfast Club at work. Every Tuesday morning we meet @ 8am at a venue that gets the majority vote and talk about all things creative, or generally just what inspires us. The first one kicked off sucessfully @ Milk Bar in Soho last week when we discussed orange juice,  museums, china cups and knitted Oyster Card holders. And if you ever swing by Milk Bar make sure you have some tea – the china cups are so cute! :-)