Best day of the week?

Saturday is arguably the best day of the week. You can relax as the whole weekend stretches out in front of you. So what would be your ideal Saturday? First, i’d wake feeling refreshed and sit down to a long, lazy breakfast with the papers. Then, i’d pop out to meet friends or family and spend the afternoon catching a movie, seeing a good exhibition, finding a fab new shop or cafe, or generally just mooching about the streets of London.

With this in mind, The Times are attempting to capture the essence of a Saturday in their new outdoor campaign. Each execution features an image depicting quintessential Saturday moments as the strapline moves from “The Times” to “The Saturday”.


The result? Any campaign that makes me think fondly of my favourite day of the week and the way i choose to spend it gets the thumbs up from me. I may even splash out on the extra £1.10 while i’m at it…

Snowy escapades

You know when, as a kid, you used to wake up on Christmas morning and get butterflies in your stomach? That’s exactly how i felt on Monday morning when discovered 5 inches of snow in my garden. Actually, i think the truth was i wooped for joy, ran downstairs and threw open the front door to check out the damage (almost like my bedroom window was somehow deceiving me). Even my hectic, slippery journey into work couldn’t dampen my spirits as i joined my workmates for a snowball fight in Soho Square @ midday. Once home, my mates and i went for a wander up to Walthamstow Marshes where we made snow angels and generally had fun launching immense snowballs at each other.

Take that!

Take that!

We finished the evening eating a home cooked meal by the fire for my housemates birthday. Candles, good food and lots of smiles.

Happy days!


Creative Showcase yeah!

I celebrated some of my work at this month’s Creative Showcase @ The Hospital. It was great to applaud an example of banner work that pushes a client to it’s limits – especially for a charity. And it’s always good to see what other agencies are up to.

Woo hoo!

Woo hoo!

Word up London

I found this wicked piece of typography the other day…much better than a normal map and a treasure trove of London areas. :-)



They call him Invader. He’s tall, dark, mean and is currently recreating famous images made out of Rubik’s Cubes all over the country.  Actually i just made up the tall, dark, mean bit – but his work is pretty cool. Wonder if he cheats and takes the stickers off too?


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