Tribute to Advertising

Film 4 are asking the public to choose from their favourite adverts to win an LCD TV, but i reckon it’s a great chance to check out some quality ads.

Walkers crisps flavour campaign

I love the idea of the Walkers crisps flavour campaign, but surely they could be more appetising? Are we to assume that the great British public’s best efforts are truely relected in the flavours ‘Fish & Chips’ and ‘Onion Bhagi’?

Or my own personal favourite….



First Post

Heeeeeello! So this is my very first post on my very own blog! It’s uber exciting…and the first in a long succession of digital widgets that i’ve succumbed to this week. Twitter, Yammer, Delicious…i sound like some kind of sugar crazed nut!

I’m already wondering how i survived without the delights of Delicious – a social bookmarking tool that actually saves web pages for you so you can access them on a whim. Sweet indeed…

Speaking of which i stumbled apon this gorgeous little cake shop in Covent Garden a couple of weeks ago. It’s called Candy Cakes and they certainly taste as good as they look. So pretty too.



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