Children go dotty in Queensland

What happens when you give kids a blank white canvas? They fill it of course! That’s exactly what happened when kids were invited to partake in an installation at Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. Over the course of two weeks, children were given thousands of coloured dots and let loose on a pure white interior of a house. The effect is incredible. It completely transforms the space, with explosions of colour blasted all over the walls. The installation is called The Obliteration Room which is part of Kusama’s ‘Look now, See Forever’ exhibition running until March 2012.


A timeline of drug abuse

What do you think of the new Facebook Timeline? Love it or hate it, the new concept is here to stay. The idea of choosing one picture that represents you is certainly inspiring. With Timeline currently rolling out all over the world, brands (if they’re clever) should be thinking of ways to use it. The cover image is supposed to be iconic to the individual, but why can’t a brand use it to grab people’s attention?

McCann Digital have cracked it. For Israel’s Anti-Drug Authority, they told the story of Adam Barak’s two lives. One is a life with drugs, one is a life without. The timeline is spilt into two and you can retrace Adam’s choices prompting his inevitable downfall, or rejoice in his happiness. A very simple mechanism, but it’s extremely effective – visually reenforcing the message of how damaging time can be with drugs.

I wonder when other big brands will follow suit and use Facebook Timeline to grab our attention? Only time will tell!

Win the NYC Marathon (well, 60 feet of it)…

Ever wondered how you’d fair up against a Champion Marathon runner? Well the people of New York got their chance thanks to an advert for Asiacs by Vitro agency.

Over the New York City Marathon weekend, a huge a 60 foot video wall was installed in a major subway station. The public were invited to race Ryan for just 60 feet, experiencing the pace he sets for 26.2 miles. Needless to say, few people could keep up with his 6 foot 10″ stride and 4:46 mile pace. What a cool, interactive way to get fans talking.

I’ve got a feeling today’s (not) going to be a good day…

Last night Twitter exploded with the buzz surrounding Sapient Nitro’s Idea Engineers music video. Was it real? Was it a joke? Are they insane?

The real talk though, isn’t about whether Sapient in the states take life this seriously (I sat in shock open-mouthed throughout), but around how one little video can cause so much hype. How?

First, Sapient proudly posted the video to their Facebook page wall. After it bombed, they deleted all the (mostly negative) comments surrounding the video before removing it altogether. The result? A barrage of tweets erupted on Twitter slating Sapient for not understanding how digital works. The topic hit trending, people clearly unhappy Sapient didn’t seem to understand that if you want the world to see something, you have to be ready to hear what it thinks. That’s the uncensored beauty of social networking.

Obviously Sapient panicked, realising they were about to get a lot of negative press, quickly taking the video down. But by then it was too late, the public had taken to their keyboards.

The lesson? Big agencies beware, you can control comments on your site and company blog, but it’s virtually impossible to moderate social media networks. Once the world has it, their opinions own it and your agency. It’s just whether you’re man enough to stand up to them.

Finally, if you haven’t already seen the (now famous) video, now’s the time to turn up the cringe-factor!

Sculptures by the sea

Today I took a walk along the coast toward Bondi Beach for the Sculptures By The Sea exhibition in Sydney. It is a beautiful setting for such a huge display of modern art pieces. I liked this neat little digital idea too.

You need to have a smartphone, but you download the AR app and hold your phone up to the bottle to see the ‘hidden’ image. A mermaid then appears by the bottle. Cool interactive idea to get people engaging with the exhibition.

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