Happy St Andrew’s Day

I love the Google logo today. My parents are Scottish, so I appreciate any tribute to the flag of Scotland and the tartan pattern made me smile. I showed it to my dad and even he was impressed. Must be good then. :)

Kick-ass campaign

Has anyone seen the latest campaign from Diesel? True to their latest marketing strategy – ‘Be Stupid’ (I’d love to meet the planner who dreamt up that one), we’re treated to various videos, ads and manifestos that pledge the simple thought – Diesel trainers are good for arse-kicking.

You’ve got to love a brand that comes right out with the truth. Yes, it’s true Diesel shoes aren’t good for running. Diesel is different. Diesel is stupid and stupid doesn’t run from anything. Stupid kicks arses.

You’ve got to admit it, kicking the arse of someone who deserves it feels good. Especially when you’re wearing trainers that look as good as Diesel’s do. This campaign makes me happy. Anyone want to lend me their arse? :)

Cheese ads that tickled me

As a passionate cheese lover, I appreciate anything that illustrates its delicious qualities. My favourite ads are those from Cathedral City, mainly because they focus on the vulnerability experienced when smelling melted cheese. Something I know plenty about.

Now, Albion has created a set of press adverts for Tickler cheese to demonstrate how precious it really is. With the strap “Cheddar so precious you won’t want to taste a crumb”, the ads feature fictional characters bartering a crumb of cheddar for various high-value items, which they then use to buy a whole pack of Tickler.

I love how the ads take on a historical feel with the old English style art direction, reflecting the unique and distinctive flavour of the cheese. A brave move, but one that pays off – I’ll be trying it as soon as I can get to the nearest supermarket.

A stupid idea that’s er, genius

Why waste your life sitting in front of a computer when you can waste it in a park? This is the most recent thought from Diesel’s ‘Be Stupid’ campaign. They organised an event in Berlin called Facepark which asked attendees to come baring a cardboard version of their Facebook profile – bringing their digital life into the real life. Then they watched as people laughed, talked and conversed via the home-made statuses. Then they made a video about it and even designed a fun microsite. The result? A hilarious way to make a statement in a rapidly digital-driven world. A massive thumbs up from me. :)

Diesel Facepark microsite

Suspicious minds

How many times have you stumbled upon a deserted place and stopped to take it all in? The silence. The mystery. The history that lies there. Well Reginald Van De Velde, a photographer from Belgium explores just that. He takes pictures of abandoned places, places that would normally be overlooked, or discarded as ruined, and captures the moment on camera. He is one of many people in the world with a shared love for these atmospheric spaces. ‘Urban Exploration’ celebrates inhabited sites which harbour a sense of untouched beauty. Take a look at Reginald’s Flickr feed, and you’ll see why the photographs are so bewitching.


And his website: