Trendwatcher to Trendwriter

For a while now I have been an enthusiastic fan of The TrendWatch – a blog hosting the collective posting of FullSix’s Designers, Strategists and Consultants. It’s great for musing over a cup of tea first thing in the morning. So imagine my delight when the Executive Creative Director in the UK asked me to become a regular contributor! Last week I wrote my very first piece, and you can read it by visiting

Speedie thoughts go global! :)

Handwrite an email like magic

Remember when writing a letter wasn’t just to say thank you? When picking up a pen wasn’t just for hasty reminder notes? While the world has made a logical transition to keyboards, there is something rather magical about your own handwriting style. Like it or not, the need for a a fine liner, or a fountain pen just isn’t the same when you have fancy fonts and whizzy laptops to turn to. Pilot have intuitively recognised this by creating a microsite which allows you to create your own handwritten font to use online. So no more impersonal emails, unsightly signatures and boring presentations. Just design your type (using a Pilot pen of course), take a photo of it with your webcam and then use the clever tools to adjust it on screen. Ta da! A Thoroughly unique handwritten font, no one else in the world can lay claim to. Now you can truly say “I wrote the entire thing!” :)

Banksy eat your heart out

He shall remain nameless, but I work with a guy who, in his spare time, tours the country on weekends and treats doorways and garages to his works of art. A mixture between graffiti and stenciling, the results are truly fascinating. Personally, I am a lover of street art and a great admirer of Banksy – but these creations offer something more. Colour! Each one boasts the familiar look and feel, but with splashes of bright, vivid colours that brings the chosen wall to life. For his latest works, the inspiration came from loved ones’ photographs, depicting each of their characteristics in a unique and stylish way. I think you’d have to be very pleased if you spotted one of these on your travels – and this talented artist definitely deserves some recognition for his trendy work! :)

A trip down memory lane

During my A Levels, I had to write a project based on my favourite Illustration. For me, the choice was easy. I’d always adored the detailed and jovial drawings which accompanied one of my favourite children’s books – Alice in Wonderland. It was a coincidence then, that Lewis Carroll attended Christ Church College in Oxford – the very city where I grew up and spent most of my teenage years.

Yesterday, during a fleeting visit to see my mum, we revisited the site where Charles Dodgson taught as a professor. Christ Church is a majestic, enchanting place, steeped entirely in history. References to the story of Alice are scattered throughout the tour, but one of the most spectacular is certainly the huge, colourful stained glass window in the dining hall. If you look closely, you can just make out the characters from the story – Alice, the White Rabbit, the Dodo and The Mad Hatter. It’s unbelievable to think Lewis Carroll met Alice (Liddell as she was in real life) here and it’s where their unique friendship blossomed. This window can be found in the Dining Hall, the grand hall where Harry Potter was filmed (here the geek in me burst with pride)! We also visited the Alice Shop – a tiny, wooden shop that sells everything from Alice tea pots to Cheshire Cat clocks.

Alice in Wonderland is a tale that will always remind me of my childhood in Oxford and growing up into a young woman. Much like Alice herself!

A performance fit for a king

I indulged in a performance of King Henry VIII on Saturday night @ Shakespeare’s Globe. It was a truly majestic.

I studied Shakespeare at school, but I don’t remember it being like this. I remember being fascinated with the language, but spent most of my time trying to decipher what the characters were saying.

This performance literally brought these famous words to life. I do believe I went through a complete spectrum of emotions as I sat on my red cushion, clutching my gold embossed programme. The calibre of acting was flawless, and it’s beyond me how these talented individuals remember not just lines, but full verses of coherent Shakespeare.

The venue itself was very impressive. Our seats were in the Upper Gallery, and you really get a sense of what the view was like for the wealthy – looking down on the peasants and paupers below.

Well worth a visit – I might even go back for a second helping of the great word smith myself.