Want some real gossip? Grazia go 3D.

Yesterday I indulged in purchasing a glorious girlie glossy. Sometimes I do this on a whim, normally when I am craving some gossip. Grazia’s headline ‘Our amazing 3D issue’ immediately jumped out at me. Could they be the first female glossy to dip their toes into the augmented reality world? The idea is that you can unlock exclusive, hidden content via your webcam or iPhone – making their cover star, Florence Welsh sing and dance. I especially liked the 3D view of some particularly cute summer ankle boots. A nice idea in theory, but very poorly executed. The activation squares just act as a trigger to play video content. It doesn’t actually generate the translucent 3D images augmented reality is now so famous for. A touch disappointing! Still, a great novelty, and one which certainly quenched my thirst for fashion gossip even more so than normal. Go team Grazia! :)

Something on your mind?

Then call the Apology Line! This art project, set up by Will Bridges and James Lees, is designed to get the UK public to open up – literally. People responded in their hundreds by leaving messages on an answering machine. My particular favourite comes from a bumbling young gentlemen apologising for occasionally taking his girlfriend for granted. Too cute and a great insight into the things that make Briton’s tick.


A Valentine’s Day apology

Okay I admit it. The sight of another red rose or pink advert might make me want to die a slow, painful death. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. No, it’s not an excuse to throw every single cliche  known to man onto a poster. So thank you Droga5 for Puma Hardchorus. This hilarious piece of digital marketing gives blokes all over the country the chance to send an apology to their lover, just in case they have to forgo their celebration for – you guessed it, football. In short, it is Savage Garden’s ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ performed by a group of tough looking football fans. It’s smart, simple and for a lad’s lad, relatively sincere. And as a girl, notice that I’m commenting on this, not the latest brand to shove a hot guy on a baby pink background. Lovely. :)

Contemporary vs classic

I recently indulged in a performance of Matthew Bourne’s take on the monumental classic – Swan Lake – at Sadler’s Wells Theatre. A roller coaster of emotions, this modern take on the well-known tale turns Swan Lake on its head, gives it a sex change and offers some of the best performances I’ve ever seen on a ballet stage.

From the opening note I recognised the very familiar music, but it is given new life through the brilliant choreography. It is funny, dramatic, exuberant and moving. Bourne’s imaginative use of male dancers as swans is initially inspiring but, once you have seen it, it seems so obviously right.

The swans were undoubtedly the highlight of the night, their fluid movements a joy to watch. When they were offstage I found myself longing for their next appearance.

At times we struggled to completely understand his take on the original story, but who cares? The direction, costumes, sets and choreography were so full of wit and imagination, it felt like a ballet for real people.  If you’ve never seen a ballet before you won’t be disappointed, in fact, I think it’s safe to say you’ll be hooked.


The last place you want to go?

As a Copywriter, I think it is my duty to comment on the latest adverts from Dixons. I adore them. By openly acknowledging Dixons as ‘The last place you want to go’ in the strapline, it cleverly echoes consumers’ perceptions. As the meaning of the ad sinks in, you first feel guilty for your negative attitude toward the brand, then admiration, for such honesty is a brave and bold move. Lastly you smile at their astuteness, realising the value of the store has once again been highlighted in your mind.

It is always refreshing to see a brand that completely understands the way they are perceived by the public. Dixons know this, and are cunning enough to play toward it. Sometimes honesty really is the best policy.