Seeing things?

When I was a student at university I would constantly dream of getting my first advert published in a magazine. I was so excited about the prospect of seeing my own ideas and words in ink, I didn’t even consider how advanced media technologies would be by then.

The first ever video advertisement will be published in a magazine in September and I’m sure it won’t be long before this unique technology flies over the continent to media land in the UK. And with 40 minutes of video memory, there’s plenty of time to tell a brand story.

A defining moment in the history of advertising and a sure sign that in this increasingly competitive market, advertisers have realised that it is more important than ever to create attention for their product.


Er…the best way to sell cheese ever?!? Wisconsin cheese have done themselves proud with this beautifully crafted site. We all love cheese on burgers, so take your pick from 30 different patties and combinations of mouth-watering cheese and i challenge you not to drool on your keyboard!


Got the munchies?

“I am floating on cream and fudges pieces. The giraffe seems unconcerned. He smiles and continues to read the newspaper. On I stride on toffee cookies and brown sugar. Wallowing. The red queen offers vanilla and almonds. The universe opens and swallows me whole.”

Was the Copywriter responsible on dissociatives or just having a good day? Check out these psychedelic adverts for Ben & Jerrys, created by Ogilvy and Mather, Singapore. Look at the colours man!


Once you click you can’t stop

How often do you come across a banner advert that’s worth talking about? Worth smiling over? Or even worth clicking and clicking and clicking? Well the new, innovative banner ad from Pringles does just that. It keeps your attention by involving you in a one sided converstation from which you can’t turn away. I found it strangely addictive, clicking right till the very end. But what I really love about this ad is that it takes banner space that most people ignore or find annoying, and turns it into a fun, engaging moment of play with the brand.

So how to measure it’s success? Simply by the word of mouth that it is drawing. Twitter in particular is becoming the barometer of the buzz – it’s how i found out about the ad in the first place.

And the real power it has? There’s no call to action, no button to drive you through to a website. Just good, old fashioned brand awareness. After all that clicking, i couldn’t help but crave some tasty potato snacks…proving that Pringles have hit the nail right on the head. Yum.


A new kind of book illustration

Ever wanted to be a touch more inventive with your Sharpie? John Clark draws film noir inspired Sharpie portraits on vintage book pages, leaving a bit of text floating in the background to hint at the background of the piece. The result is a one-of-a-kind “story” – a portrait with a literary history, a story within a story. Simple, bold, clean and dramatic, it’s easy to mistake John’s drawings for altered photographs or Photoshop trickery. They’re all hand-drawn though – and he can custom make portraits of individuals to really add some mystery to your walls. I love them – if only i was as flash with a Sharpie as he is! Check out his work on