Always Glamour campaign

The Brief

To bring to life Leo Burnett’s TV scripts for the New Always Collection. To work alongside them in the loop team, coming up with campaignable ideas and innovative digital concepts.

The work

The campaign line is ‘Glamour where you least expect it’ – referencing the high quality of the new collection. The TV scripts echo this by showing uber glam women strutting their stuff in unexpected places like the supermarket or bowling alley. So many digital ideas were thrown around the table, from participation programmes to viral interactive videos, but I’ve chosen to share the Facebook Places work with you as I love it.

The idea is, to place a real necklace or handbag on a poster or billboard and ask the passer by to check in on Facebook Places for a chance to win the item. The girl is placed into a prize draw, and automatically shown where to claim her free sample of The Always Collection via Facebook Deals. She can then share her check in on her news feed, spreading the campaign message. Another way to attract girls’ attention is to use the Trompe L’oeil effect by insinuating there’s a pair of heels to take, but it’s actually a chalk drawing.┬áSuch a simple idea, but a very engaging one at that.

The result

The real digital campaign work won’t go live until 2012, but I love these ideas so much I’m proud to put my name to them.