Diet Coke Love it Light

The brief

The brief was to take Diet Coke’s latest Love it Light campaign and bring it to life online. The ATL campaign consisted of one 30 second TV advert and two 10 second Idents. The posters showcased each of the puppet stars, displaying their own headline and quote. The challenge was to take the existing brand work and explore the characters using the vast realm of the digital world.

The work

Using the stars of the TV advert Eleanor, Bernadette and Irene – I created a series of mini videos to sit on the Diet Coke Love it Light Facebook hub. Designed to elevate the brand as well as develop the character’s personalities, each video revolves around a conversation between the girls in the office. Depending on whose passion point they focus on, each video dramatises the themes of fashion, relationships and music. Around 20-30 seconds in length, they provide an instant uplift from the daily grind of the working day.

The results

With 201, 393 fans on Facebook, the audience exposure is huge. So watch this space!