Lucozade YES moments

The Brief

To take Grey’s ATL campaign, Lucozade ‘YES moments’ and bring it to life in a slick new brand website.

The work

The ATL focuses on Lucozade facilitating the YES moments in your life. The moments when the energy is flowing, the crowd is cheering; when everything just clicks into place. It consistently uses photographic imagery to paint a storyline of people’s snapshots of YES moments. The idea that we create energy led me to the idea, ‘What fuels your energy?’ Is it sport, Lite or Energy? With a range of products that cater for a wide variety of people, this concept’s strength is deeply rooted in what your personal taste is. You can see the designs I worked on below, the live version has been tweaked slightly, but you can see it’s still the idea I came up with! :)

The result

You can see the site live here.  I loved working on such a high-energy, fun loving brand.