A timeline of drug abuse

What do you think of the new Facebook Timeline? Love it or hate it, the new concept is here to stay. The idea of choosing one picture that represents you is certainly inspiring. With Timeline currently rolling out all over the world, brands (if they’re clever) should be thinking of ways to use it. The cover image is supposed to be iconic to the individual, but why can’t a brand use it to grab people’s attention?

McCann Digital have cracked it. For Israel’s Anti-Drug Authority, they told the story of Adam Barak’s two lives. One is a life with drugs, one is a life without. The timeline is spilt into two and you can retrace Adam’s choices prompting his inevitable downfall, or rejoice in his happiness. A very simple mechanism, but it’s extremely effective – visually reenforcing the message of how damaging time can be with drugs.

I wonder when other big brands will follow suit and use Facebook Timeline to grab our attention? Only time will tell!

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