Facebook Pages gets a makeover

After the success of Timeline, it wasn’t going to be long before Facebook ensured fan pages weren’t left behind. With some very cool new features, brands can now improve the way they talk to their consumers, all thanks to Facebook.

First thing’s first. The new features aren’t actually all that new. Why? Because they are all things personal profiles benefit from on a daily basis.

Firstly, brands can now browse the rest of Facebook as their page. They can like and comment on other pages, receive notifications about fan activity and benefit from their own News Feed – or basically see what your competitors are up to. Sounds simple, but this is giving brands even more freedom to explore the social space and start engaging conversations.

Just like the cover photo on Timeline, Pages now offers brands the option of featuring it’s most recent experiences at the top of the page. This gives the brand even more room for articulating their best brand message.

Finally, consumers will be able to sort Page posts by Top Posts, which shows the more interesting ones first, or Most Recent, which shows the posts you’ll want to read since you last logged in.

These changes, which were rolled out on Friday 11th February, are set to give even more control to brands who are communicating with their customers on a new level.

Starbucks’ interpretation of the new Pages layout is below. Now watch this space for even more fun brand pages!

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