If Facebook ruled the world…

…it would look a little something like this. I watched The Social Network recently and even though Mark Zuckerburg is said to have been displeased at his negative portrayal, it successfully documents his rise to fame and fortune.

6 years later and Facebook is the No 1 social phenomenon. But have you ever wondered how big Facebook really is? Paul butler, an intern on Facebook’s Data Infrastructure Team wanted to visually show the friendships Facebook has created between various cities around the world. So he began experimenting with complex data and lines of longitude and latitude. The result simply blew him away.

His experiment had turned into a detailed map of the world. Not only are entire continents visible, but international borders too.

Take a look at the image. When you’re admiring it, remember that the lines don’t represent coasts or rivers or political borders but real, human relationships. Truly fascinating; real representation of how powerful human connections can be.

It’s enough to make you study it for hours. Could it be friends made whilst travelling, a couple separated by seas, or family members staying in touch all year round?

The result is a stunning ‘map’ of social connections all over the world. And one can only wonder what the next 6 years will bring.

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