Pleasure Hunt? My pleasure!

The internet it full of pleasures, just waiting to be sought out. But have you tried the latest form of viral pleasure?

Magnum Pleasure Hunt is a flash based interactive game which allows you to control the Magnum Woman as she hunts down chocolate bonbons. Collect as many as you can in the quickest time possible. The clever part though, it appears as if she is literally running across the internet – across a YouTube page, diving onto a Dove website (where she drops her towel suggestively behind a banner), and driving a Saab out of their graphic visual. The detail of these mock brand pages is incredible, with embedded video content, cool graphics and mock brand identity.

And all this while still using real footage of the Magnum woman. Shot on a green screen obviously, but it’s astonishing how seamlessly all these elements have been put together. The result feels like you’re floating through the internet. After completion each user is asked to share their score on Facebook and Twitter – ensuring the best possible social reach. With non stop surprises on the way, this game is bound to be a viral hit and win the campaign a few awards in the process.

Go on, have a go! You can play the game here

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