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A fresh, fun tone of voice for a brand new, ingenious food brand in Australia

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The Brief

How do you create a brand from scratch in the highly competitive, fast-changing food industry in Australia?

PreppedFresh is Isabella Dunn’s brainchild. Isabelle lives in Sydney and has a business leadership, marketing and digital advertising background, a life-long passion for cooking and inspiring her friends and family to try new, exciting meals.

She knows that when life gets too busy, for many people preparing fresh ingredients for meals is one of the first things to go. Hence PreppedFresh was born, providing an opportunity for Australian’s to collectively rethink the way fresh food is produced, stored and provided in the shops. $8 billion worth of fresh food in Australia gets thrown out every year. Yes, people like the idea of using it but aren’t inspired enough or have the time to cook new meals every week.

PreppedFresh wants to give Australians better access to affordable quality ingredients, frozen and prepped to help fuel easy weeknight home cooking growth, while also reducing food waste.

I worked with Isabelle on her strong and clear vision for the brand – ‘ingredients to thrive’ – and shaped the way the brand speaks into a fresh, clear, sustainable, playful and ambitious voice to cut through the marketplace.

You can take a look at the website and messaging here or the Instagram feed here.

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