Wall art via Instagram

Ever gazed at your Instagram feed and thought, I wonder what all these cool photos would look like on my wall? Well now you can see for yourself thanks to Poster Candy. Because some Instagram feeds are just too good to be kept on a phone… :)

The best job in the world

P&G’s latest advert made me cry. Now, while I fully admit I am a touch sensitive when it comes to films or documentaries, it’s not often a TV advert is good enough to result in my free-flowing tears. Granted, my mum has just gone home after an epic Oz visit, but this beautiful advert needs to be given the credit it deserves.

From start to finish, it is a touching representation of what it’s like for the mum’s behind the Olympic athletes at the London 2012 Games. From everyday ways to care for a child, like ferrying to and from trials, or methodically washing their kit, to big shows of support from the crowd at competitions, these mums are always in the sidelines, watching, silently cheering on. It makes you think about your own mum and the sacrifices she’s made her whole life, always doing everything for one specific cause – you.

As an extension of the campaign, the brand is offering fans on Facebook the chance to thank their mums for real via a simple app. Just type in your message to your mum and watch as it joins the hundreds of other messages from fans all over the world.

I love this campaign, not just because it’s a subject dear to my own heart, but because so many brands jump on the Mother’s Day bandwagon every year and few pull it off successfully. I am working on a few projects over here in Australia at the moment and some of the bigger advertising agencies have really struggled to make that link. P&G have done it effortlessly – because they have real roots in this subject and it shows in the simple and poignant way the advert is executed.

A big thumbs up from me. I challenge you to watch it and not shed a tear.

365 days, 365 points of view

Do you ever stumble across a blog and think: damn, I wish I’d thought of that?

I do. And this is exactly how I felt when I discovered 3six5.

3six5 is a unique social diary, a year told by 365 different people with very different points of view. And the really fascinating thing is, the people are just like you and me. So much so, I decided to apply for the 2012 entry list.

The idea is you get allocated a specific day. Mine was last Thursday the 23rd February. You let the events of that day unfold and then write your post in the evening of that day. With me being in Australia, mine would be a little early (as with everything on this side of the world). If something happens on your day that created world history, the editors encourage you to write about it – one writer recently expressed her feelings toward Whitney Houston’s death. Or, if like me, your day is just an average day, you can write about your thoughts, feelings or general musings.

I remember applying for my spot from my bed in dreary London Town and thinking, “Wow, I’ll be in Australia by then. Who know’s where I’ll be, or what I’ll be doing.” Now I’m sitting in my city apartment in Sydney. How times change.

I think this is what makes 3six5 so exciting. The diversity of its authors and the sense of scale you get whilst you’re reading it. I for one, am glued to the site every day. You can read my post here and start enjoying the actual blog here.

Facebook Pages gets a makeover

After the success of Timeline, it wasn’t going to be long before Facebook ensured fan pages weren’t left behind. With some very cool new features, brands can now improve the way they talk to their consumers, all thanks to Facebook.

First thing’s first. The new features aren’t actually all that new. Why? Because they are all things personal profiles benefit from on a daily basis.

Firstly, brands can now browse the rest of Facebook as their page. They can like and comment on other pages, receive notifications about fan activity and benefit from their own News Feed – or basically see what your competitors are up to. Sounds simple, but this is giving brands even more freedom to explore the social space and start engaging conversations.

Just like the cover photo on Timeline, Pages now offers brands the option of featuring it’s most recent experiences at the top of the page. This gives the brand even more room for articulating their best brand message.

Finally, consumers will be able to sort Page posts by Top Posts, which shows the more interesting ones first, or Most Recent, which shows the posts you’ll want to read since you last logged in.

These changes, which were rolled out on Friday 11th February, are set to give even more control to brands who are communicating with their customers on a new level.

Starbucks’ interpretation of the new Pages layout is below. Now watch this space for even more fun brand pages!

Red hot music video

I absolutely love this new interactive music video from the Red Hot Chili Peppers for their single ‘Look Around’. Each band member is performing in their own room in the house. Just click and drag, or use the arrow keys to see what they’re up to. You can also zoom in and out to get even closer to your favourite Chili. You can even discover hidden Easter Eggs which contain links to more videos and photos. A music video that really plays on the song title, genius!

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